Thanksgiving on the beach

Get recipes and planning tips for an incredible Mexican-inspired Thanksgiving meal alfresco

Mexican-inspired Thanksgiving food
Photo by Shelly Strazis; styling by Valerie Aikman-Smith

Chile and Spice Grilled Turkey and Mole Gravy

A chile-rubbed bird cooked on the grill and served with mole gravy makes for a richly seasoned centerpiece.

Recipe: Chile and Spice Grilled Turkey and Mole Gravy


Brining: It’s the secret to a moist bird. Brine the turkey, breast down, in an oversize pot such as a boiling-water canner (if it fits in the fridge). Or use an ice chest.

Double-bag turkey using two 13-gal. plastic trash bags (not recycled plastic). Put bagged bird in chest, pour brine over turkey, and seal bags tightly. Add ice to cover.

Tying: For the most even cooking, leave turkey legs loose. Or if you prefer a tidy look, tie them.

Garnishing: Add color with herbs, a banana leaf, and fruit like kumquats.


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