Love potions

James Carrier
3 sensual wines

Valentine's Day calls for something, well, lip-smacking ― a wine, of any color, that has an extra layer of sensuality about it. Here are three of my favorites that deliver that lushness.

Buttonwood "Trevin" 1997 (Santa Ynez Valley, CA), $30. Loads of sumptuous cassis flavors laced with chocolate and vanilla in this red blend. Not cheap, but it tastes like it costs twice the price.

Morgan "Metallico" Chardonnay 2001 (Santa Lucia Highlands, CA), $20. One of the new-style beautifully balanced, nonoaked California Chardonnays.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Nonvintage Brut (Champagne, France), $36. Light, fresh, and tingling.

Sunset's Wine Club

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