The locavore's Thanksgiving shopping list

Ingredients can make or break a meal. Here are our favorites from the West's best farms.

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Full Circle's Makah Ozette potatoes
Photo by Andrea Gómez Romero

Full Circle's Makah Ozette potatoes

Andrew Stout had no idea his potatoes were so precious until Slow Food's Seattle office found out that he and his wife, Erndy Munroe, were growing Makah Ozettes, and the grassroots food organization immediately asked them to plant more. Andrew, who'd been given seed potatoes by a neighbor, had planted them out of curiosity and because he loved their flavor. "Very earthy and nutty, and they have that great fluff-puff texture." We agree.

And we like its story too: A rare, heirloom potato, it had previously been known only to the Makah Nation on the Olympic Peninsula, who had been growing it there ever since Spanish explorers brought the seeds from South America in 1791. Now, this prized potato can come to your table too.

Price varies;; Nov-Mar, find at Seattle-area farmers' markets and grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market.

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