The locavore's Thanksgiving shopping list

Ingredients can make or break a meal. Here are our favorites from the West's best farms.

Talus Wind Ranch's heritage turkeys
Photo by Andrea Gómez Romero

Talus Wind Ranch's heritage turkeys

Timothy Willms is one of a handful of ranchers across the country who are bringing back humanely raised heritage breeds, which live pretty much as they would in nature. Timothy's turkeys bear little relation to the typical factory-raised supermarket bird. His sleek Standard Bronzes and Rio Grande Wilds strut their stuff all over the enclosed pasture at his ranch, foraging and even flying when they feel like it.

The vigorous outdoor living, and the fact that they grow relatively slow, result in white meat that Timothy describes as a "beautiful soft almond" (versus pasty white). The dark meat is rich, moist, and the color of chocolate. "There's a truthfulness to them that we can taste," he says.

$5.95/lb;; order by Oct 31; ships within NM; pickup available in Galisteo, Mountainair, and Santa Fe, NM.

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