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How to assemble a tiered wedding cake

Follow these steps to make a four-tiered cake that serves 60 to 70

  • A moist, delicate orange-scented cake is an irresistible conclusion to a wedding reception.

    How to make a wedding cake

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Having enough cake to go around

The last thing you want to worry about at the wedding is whether there will be enough cake for everyone. Here’s how to calculate the right number of servings:

Plan on standard-sized cake servings (2-in. wedges). Most guests are full by the time cake is served. If your guests are notoriously sweettoothed, you may want to plan for extra servings.

Add a few extra servings for leeway in cutting. Our 6-inch layer yields about 6 servings, the 8-inch 14, the 10-inch 22, and the 12-inch 28. Our 4-tier cake serves 70, making it perfect for a wedding with 60 guests. For a more intimate wedding of 30 to 35 people, make a 3-tier cake with 6-, 8-, and 10-inch layers.

Serve larger parties with more cakes, not more tiers. For a big wedding, frost and decorate additional 12-inch layers; refrigerate rather than displaying with the tiered cake, then cut out of sight of guests and serve with the tiered cake. The servings will look identical to those from the tiered cake.

Skip saving the top tier. This delicate cake does not hold up well in the freezer for a year. Instead, serve the entire cake at your wedding, then bake a new cake to celebrate your anniversary.

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