Halloween decorating & party guide

Creative jack-o'-lanterns, no-carve pumpkins, and surprises from the kitchen

Gothic Halloween party ideas

Killer punch, classy finger bites, and Gothic decor that breaks free of jack-o’s for a sophisticated soiree

Set the mood
Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Set the mood

Gothic vessels: Trade out regular stems and cups for goblets ($68 each; juliska.com; or try thrift stores) and inexpensive glass lab vessels, like cylinders and flasks (from $2.45; pelletlab.com) that are food- and heat-safe. Fill a few with dry ice to turn your house into a mad scientist’s laboratory.

Tabletop creativity: Buy fabric and make it into a tablecloth by hemming the edges, or asking your dry cleaner to do so. Houndstooth plays into the Victorian theme while still feeling modern. (Try fabric.com, hartsfabric.com, or spoonflower.com for inspiration.)


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