Four favorite Thanksgiving menus

Lisa Romerein
No need to improvise: pick from 4 complete meal plans, from spicy Southwestern to wholesome vegetarian

These complete menus have got it all covered, from perfect Thanksgiving appetizers to turkey to scrumptious dessert, plus easy-to-follow preparation plans and those important timing tips. The hard part is choosing which menu to use. Go meatless this year with the vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes on our Vegetarian Menu, keep it traditional with the Ranch Thanksgiving menu, or make it a chile-spiced Southwestern feast complete with sweet potato tamales.

Menus for different size gatherings
Plan dinner for 6 to 8 or a full-scale feast for 12.

Vegetarian menu
A gorgeous spread of autumn root vegetables, leafy greens, hearty grains, and more ― plus wine reccomendations.

Ranch Thanksgiving menu
Add your favorite turkey recipe ― or pick one of ours ― to this winemaker family's traditional spread of cornbread-sausage dressing, Grandmother's garlic mashed potatoes, and more.

Southwest Thanksgiving menu
Created by Denver chef Sean Yontz, this menu presents a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a spicy Latin twist.

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