Easy cookie decorating

6 quick ways to dress up your favorite recipes

Powdered sugar-dusted gingersnaps

Photos by Thomas J. Story

Easy ideas for decorating Christmas cookies


Sprinkle powdered sugar around a stencil (cut from card stock with a craft knife) onto gingersnaps to create a pretty pattern.

Inspired by Lindley Bynum Foss and Susan J. Tweit, via Sunset's Facebook page

Free stencil:  Download our templates

Chocolate-dipped biscotti

Photos by Thomas J. Story


Give even store-bought biscotti a homemade touch with melted white chocolate.

Inspired by Kelly Davis, via Facebook, and Pam Heisler, Grand Forks, ND

Embossed sugar cookies

Photos by Thomas J. Story


Add texture to sugar cookies using cooking tools (clockwise from top): cannelé mold, diamond-shape cookie cutter, 5-hole zester. 

Inspired by Maria Bruhns, via Facebook

Mexican wedding cookies with walnuts

Photography by Thomas J. Story


Show the cookie flavor, here a walnut Mexican wedding cake, with a nut pressed into the dough before baking.

Inspired by Henry Mendoza, Marina del Rey, CA, and Tyffani Peters, via Facebook

Cheesecake bars with raspberry drizzle

Photography by Thomas J. Story


Brighten cheesecake bars with seedless raspberry jam piped through a pastry bag.

Inspired by Rumin Jehangir, via Facebook

Frosted shortbread cookies

Photography by Thomas J. Story

Glaze & pipe

Make decorating these cookies a group activity. Prepare your favorite shortbread recipe up to two days ahead (store in an airtight container). Or take a shortcut: Start with store-bought butter cookies.

Inspired by Andrea Ramirez, via Facebook


Glazing cookies

Photography by Thomas J. Story

Step 1: Glaze

Prepare the glaze (whisk together 1 cup powdered sugar and 21/2 tsp. milk), and dip the cookies face down in it. Let them dry. Shortcut: Skip the glaze for a more natural look.

Piping cookies

Photography by Thomas J. Story

Step 2: Pipe

Using a plain, super-fine pastry tip, pipe on ribbons of your favorite homemade royal icing. Shortcut: Use ready-made icing in a small (0.68) tube, sold at most grocery stores.

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