15 tasty holiday menus

Great recipes for your crab feast, classic roast dinner, finger-food party, Italian family lunch, easy holiday buffet, and more

Small-plate party

Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, food styling by Robyn Valarik

Small-plate party

This year, forget the sit-down dinner and opt for small-plate recipes that you can make ahead and allow you and your guests to mingle. Enjoy chrstnut and celery root soup, ahi tuna confit, poached brisket with salsa verde, and more.

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Platter of cracked Dungeness crab

Photography by Alex Farnum

Feast on crab

It’s prime time for sweet Dungeness. We share our secrets for amazing cracked crab and crabcakes, plus the best sauces for dipping.

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Salt- and herb-crusted prime rib with fresh horseradish sauce

Photography by James Baigrie; styling by Karen Shinto

Cabernet holiday dinner

Pair the king of reds with the king of beef for a show-stopper of a holiday meal.

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Vegetarian holiday menu

Photography by James Carrier

Vegetarian holiday menu

Everyone can enjoy this hearty holiday meal, created by a chef at San Francisco's landmark vegetarian restaurant, Greens.

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Tavella Family's Sausage

Photography by James Carrier

An Italian family lunch

An Italian family's generations-old tradition of making homemade sausage is shared in this rustic holiday menu.

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Setting the dinner table for an Italian Christmas Eve.

Photography by Lisa Romerein

An Italian Christmas Eve

Savor spaghetti with anchovies and bread crumbs, salt-baked striped bass, and semifreddo this Christmas with a southern Italian-inspired menu.

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A Standing Rib Roast is the main course of this grand holiday feast.

Photography by James Carrier

Grand feast

Create an old-fashioned Christmas dinner complete with all the trimmings–including a magnificent standing rib roast– by following this menu and prep plan.

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A festive menu for 2 of Cornish hens, a light salad, and fruit tarts.

Photography by James Carrier

Festive menu for 2

Dinner doesn't need a turkey or roast to feel like a holiday; Cornish hens are also celebratory, just in a size that's perfect for smaller groups. 

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A platter of Roast Pork with Gingerbread Sauce and Celery Root with Bacon

Photography by Lisa Romerein

Christmas in the Rockies

A rich and hearty Norwegian-inspired dinner menu brings the flavors of the Old World to Colorado.

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Midweek party menu

Photography by Lisa Romerein

Your midweek holiday party

A party in the middle of the week? You can pull it off in style with this menu of simple, crowd-pleasing hors d'oeuvres.

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Dinner at the ranch

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Dinner at the ranch

Celebrate the season with a menu inspired by rancher Bill Niman and friends, including a stunning–yet simply made–Beef Rib Roast with Rosemary.

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Serve Sweet-Potato Soup with Prosciutto Crisps

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Easy open house party

This menu mixes several chic recipes with a few ready-made items for stress-less entertaining, no matter the size of the crowd.

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A feast of Hanukkah recipes

Photography by Leo Gong

Hanukkah favorites

Brisket, latkes, and pickled salmon get updated in this modernized rendition of the season's classic tastes.

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Finger food feast

Photography by Dan Goldberg

Finger food feast

No need to polish the silverware–instead, try dishes inspired by Ethiopian cooking for the ultimate in finger foods.

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Twice-baked Beef Brisket with Onions

Photography by James Carrier

Easy holiday beef brisket

For a simple Hanukkah menu, start off with latkes then move to twice-baked brisket and a light salad before closing with an apple pie.

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Bay Shrimp on Belgian Endive

Photography by James Carrier

Easy open house buffet

This no-hassle menu features recipes that can be made ahead of time and taste fine served at room temperature, leaving you time to enjoy your guests.

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