Brunch for Mom

There's a muffin in every pot and a beautiful custard on the table for Mother's Day

Mother's Day brunch menu

Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Custard, Maple-candied Bacon, and Blueberries with Oranges make for a memorable Mother's Day brunch.

James Carrier

Cardamom Sour Cream Cake in a Flowerpot

Crown brunch with a tender cardamom-scented cake baked in a large flowerpot.

James Carrier

Brunch for Mom

Erin and Sarah Robinson push squares of cooking parchment into tiny flowerpots to make Green Onion

Corn Muffins.

James Carrier

Brunch 2

Green Onion Corn Muffins puff to a golden brown in the oven.

James Carrier

  • Rice Salad Niçoise with Pickled Asparagus

    Great Mother's Day ideas

    Make a Mother's Day to remember with these ideas for delectable drinks, a picnic feast, homemade gifts, and a beautiful brunch.



Muffins ― and a wonderfully moist sour cream cake ― take on a fresh, whimsical shape when you bake them in clean, new, unglazed terra-cotta flowerpots. Just line the pots with cooking parchment (sold in supermarkets near waxed paper), and both muffins and cake pop out with ease.

The muffins, and the rest of our simple menu, are designed to tickle the kids and be easy for the supervising adult.

Every dish can be started, or prepared completely, up to a day ahead of time. And the menu serves 8, so you can add to the party.


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