A chef's holiday feast

Get a Seattle cook's recipes for juniper-and-herb roast turkey, apple-bacon cornbread stuffing, and more

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  • Sweet Potatoes with Meringue ; Apple Bacon Cornbread Stuffing

    Sweet Potatoes With Meringue and Apple Bacon Cornbread Stuffing

    Jim Henkens

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Up to 3 days before
• Salt turkey and chill (step 1).
• Make dough for Black Mission Fig Tart (step 2).

2 days before
• Roast nuts and make dressing for Hazelnut Herb Salad (steps 1-4).

1 day before
• Cook beans for Mushroom Ragout (steps 1 and 2) and chop remaining ingredients.
• Prepare Sweet Potatoes with Meringue through step 1.
• Make cornbread croutons; cook aromatics for Apple Bacon Cornbread Stuffing (steps 1-5).
• Cook dried figs for tart (step 1).
• Prepare aromatics for Mussels with Sausage and Thyme (steps 1 and 2).
• Tear lettuce for hazelnut salad, wrap in paper towels, and chill in a resealable plastic bag.

Morning of
• Finish fig tart.
• Assemble cornbread stuffing (steps 6 and 7).

5 hours before
• Preheat oven and prepare Juniper-and-Herb Roast Turkey (step 2).
• Make stock for Pine Nut Gravy (step 1).

4 hours before
• Roast turkey.

1½ hours before
• Bring stuffing to room temperature.
• Make ragout.

1 hour before
• Let turkey rest.
• Bake stuffing.
• Make gravy.
• Finish sweet potatoes.

20 minutes before
• Carve turkey and arrange on a serving platter (cover to keep warm).
• Toss hazelnut salad with dressing.

10 minutes before
• Reheat aromatics for mussels, and cook mussels.

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