Sustainable meat guide

Cooking with sustainably raised beef, lamb, and eggs gives you remarkable flavor and health benefits

Grass-Fed Top Round Roast

Cooking with grass-fed beef

When raised entirely on grass, beef has a cleaner, lighter taste—and higher levels of beneficial Omega-3s

Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops with Pimenton Rub

Cooking with grass-fed lamb

American lamb has never been better, and it’s especially good when raised entirely on grass—mild and seasoned with the flavors of the pasture

Poach farm-fresh eggs

Cooking with pastured eggs

Eggs from hens that roam freely out in the fields naturally have more Omega 3s, and some studies show lower levels of cholesterol

Farmed rainbow trout

Fish buying guide

What's sustainable and what isn't? Is salmon still okay to buy? Here's our guide to making the best choices ― and 100+ great recipes


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