Mixed grill

James Carrier
Offer a pair of burgers for a laid-back summer party that fits every taste


Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining: easy, quick to cook, and beloved by almost everyone. But now that more diners are steering clear of red meat, you might not want to offer beef alone. This relaxed party menu gives you a delicious option: a savory salmon burger and a classic ground-beef burger with bacon will satisfy a wide range of guests' tastes.

Both burger mixtures, and their accoutrements, can be made a day in advance. While the grill heats up and the burgers sizzle, set out the homemade condiments and the other usual suspects for embellishment: ketch-up, mustard, mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. Add a big green salad and the party is ready to go. For dessert, what could be better than ice cream sundaes.

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