Sustainable meat guide

Cooking with sustainably raised beef, lamb, and eggs gives you remarkable flavor and health benefits

Cooking with grass-fed lamb

American lamb has never been better, and it’s especially good when raised entirely on grass—mild and seasoned with the flavors of the pasture

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Lava Lake Lamb: Eat the best lamb of your life

Why buy grass-fed lamb?

It's often expensive, so what makes it worth trying?

  • Healthy animals. Grass is the natural food of cattle, bison, sheep (and lambs); when allowed to munch on pasture, they're eating the way nature intended.
  • Healthy us. Grass-fed (versus standard grain-fed) meat has higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, and is usually lower in fat.
  • Great for the land. Grazing animals fertilize the pastures as they roam.
  • Great taste. The flavor is often cleaner and more complex than that of grain-fed meat. Find 100 percent grass-fed lamb at and well-stocked grocery stores. Three of our favorite ranches that sell online: GrassRoots Meats (, Lava Lake Lamb ( and Willow Spring Ranch Montana (


Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops with Pimenton Rub

Grilled Grass-Fed Lamb Shoulder Chops with Pimenton Rub

These spiced-rubbed lamp chops are so flavorful; the first bite will be a shockingly delicious surprise.


Lamb Burgers with Pea and Mint Relish

Grass-Fed Lamb Burgers

These juicy burgers are a nice alternative to hamburgers.


Juicy lamb chops

Grass-Fed Lamb Chops with Little Red Potatoes and Lamb’s Lettuce

Smooth, small potatoes add substance without disrupting the delicacy of the dish.



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