4 ways with healthy little fish

When it comes to fish, the smaller the better

4 small fish
Photo by Annabelle Breakey

4 small fish

Find these little guys at some grocery stores, fish markets, and Asian markets. If you live near a coastal town, head to the docks—fresh anchovies and smelt are often sold as bait. Look for fish with bright eyes, shiny skin, and a mild aroma. They’re very perishable, so plan to cook them the same day.

From left to right:

Smelt: They have pinkish flesh, a slightly nutty taste, and, like anchovies, are only about 6 inches long. Usually sold as bait.

Sardines: About the same size but slightly less intense than mackerel, sardines are the easiest small fish to find in stores.

Anchovies: Tiny, silvery beauties, fresh anchovies are mild, sweet, and totally different from canned ones.

American mackerel: Oily and richly flavored, they come 3 or 4 to the pound.


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