Feel-good foods

What to eat for quick energy and good digestion, and easy recipes to try right now

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Top choice: Oats (½ cup cooked)

Easy recipe: Try savory oatmeal instead of sweet: Simmer oats with salt, a spoonful of walnut or hazelnut oil, a pinch of thyme, and chopped walnuts.

Why it works: The soluble fiber in oats slows passage of food through the body, allowing more time for nutrients to be absorbed. Oats' insoluble fiber helps move all solids along efficiently (don't overdo it; consuming more than 50 g of fiber per day inhibits absorption of vital minerals).

Other great sources:

+ Soluble fiber +
• Apples (1 medium)
• Barley (½ cup cooked)
• Citrus fruits (1 medium)
• Legumes (½ cup cooked)
• Soy (½ cup soybeans)

+ Insoluble fiber +
• Bran (1 small muffin)
• Brussels sprouts (½ cup)
• Cabbage (1 cup chopped)
• Carrots (1 medium or ½ cup chopped or sliced)
• Whole-grain breads (1 slice) and cereals (1 cup)


Top choice: Salmon (3 oz.)

Easy recipe: Marinate salmon in a blend of mustard, brown sugar, cider vinegar, and olive oil, then grill it skin side down.

Why it works: Omega-3 fatty acids, plentiful in salmon, limit clot formation and may prevent irregular heartbeat (reducing the likelihood of heart attack).

Other great sources:

• Anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines, tuna (3 to 4 oz. per fish)
• Canola oil and other vegetable oils (1 tsp.)
• Flaxseed (½ oz.)
• Soybeans (½ cup)
• Walnuts (7 halves)


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