Dinner makeovers

Two ways to turn comfort food into health food

Dinner makeovers

Pack your burrito with roasted salmon and veggies for fresh new flavors and heart-healthy micro-nutrients.

Karen Steffens

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Salmon Burritos with Chile-Roasted Vegetables

Making smart food choices doesn't have to mean doing away with your favorites. Dishes like burritos and pizza are incredibly adaptable, able to accommodate healthy tweaks without losing their appeal. We gave these everyday staples a makeover by adding heart-friendly ingredients with big flavors and great texture.

Friday night pizza
Pizza as health food? It's possible if you get the toppings right. Lose the high-fat cheeses and pepperoni and substitute heart-friendly flavor from tomatoes, olive oil, and basil.

Whole-grain goodness
Add whole-wheat flour to your pizza dough: It's a great source of insoluble fiber, and you'll hardly notice the difference in flavor. You can purchase ready-made whole-wheat pizza dough at Trader Joe's and gourmet markets, or make your own by substituting equal parts bread flour and whole-wheat flour for the all-purpose flour in your favorite recipe.



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