Zucchini recipes to the rescue

James Carrier
Dozens of ways to use a bounty of summer squash, from Zucchini Bread and Grilled Ratatouille to Garden Harvest Jambalaya


Put up your zukes "The trouble with cooking begins when you decide to take it seriously," writes renowned Italian chef Paul Bertolli, a partner in Oakland, California's Oliveto Cafe & Restaurant, in his new book, Cooking by Hand.

It's a personal and compelling case for taking pleasure in the best simple food, and in the effort required to prepare it, whether a lot ― building flavor bit by bit from the bottom of the pot up for an Italian meat broth ― or a little, such as preparing his zucchini carpaccio (pictured here / recipe link provided above). 5655 College Ave.; (510) 547-0835. Cooking by Hand: Clarkson Potter, New York; $40; (212) 572-2537. ― Sara Schneider

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