Wildflower honey

The West's artisan honeys are as diverse as the regions they come from

"Local" and "regional" are big buzzwords these days, but you might say that honeybees are the original artisan producers of a food that bears the imprint of where it is made. Honey's flavor, color, and aroma are a direct result of where bees gather pollen, whether it's from almond orchards in California or wildflowers in the mountains of Colorado. From the sweet and mild to the dark and wild, these regional honeys are as diverse and multidimensional as the West itself.

Shown above are six examples of honeys found in the West. (clockwise from top left)

True Lavender Honey
$7 for a 6-oz. jar; www.lavenderfarm.com or 800/648-9894

Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey
$11 for an 8-oz. jar; www.volcanoislandhoney.com or 888/663-6639

Branches Citrus Blossom Honey
$9 for a 17-oz. jar; www.katzandco.com or 800/676-7176

Napa Valley Wildflower Honey
$7.50 for an 8-oz. jar; www.marshallshoney.com or 800/624-4637

Idaho Wildflower Honey
$4 for a 12-oz. jar; www.idahohoney.com or 208/549-0353

Madhava Clover Honey
$7 for a 22-oz. jar; 303/823-5166

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