Wild salmon, Alaska-style

Seared Wasabi-Glazed Salmon with "Forbidden" Rice
Three delicious ways to enjoy the West's great fish


Salmon Tacos

Taku Lodge Basted Grilled Salmon

Seared Wasabi-Glazed Salmon with Forbidden Rice

Buying Alaskan salmon

The entire Alaska salmon fishery is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, so choosing this source for your seafood ensures a guilt-free, pleasurable meal.

Fresh Alaska salmon is easiest to find during the peak of the commercial harvest ― mid-May to mid-September. Off- season, however, frozen Alaska salmon is a good choice. It's flash-frozen shortly after being caught, so it can be even fresher-tasting than a never-frozen counterpart that has languished during shipping.

Sources for flash-frozen Copper River and other Alaskan salmon: Copper River Seafoods (888/622-1197) and Taku Smokeries (800/582-5122).

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