Wild salmon, Alaska-style

Three delicious ways to enjoy the West's great fish

Seared Wasabi-Glazed Salmon with "Forbidden" Rice

Taku Lodge Basted Grilled Salmon

Salmon Tacos

The entire Alaska salmon fishery is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, so choosing this source for your seafood ensures a guilt-free, pleasurable meal. Fresh Alaska salmon is easiest to find during the peak of the commercial harvest ― mid-May to mid-September. Off- season, however, frozen Alaska salmon is a good choice. It's flash-frozen shortly after being caught, so it can be even fresher-tasting than a never-frozen counterpart that has languished during shipping.

Sources for flash-frozen Copper River and other Alaskan salmon: Copper River Seafoods (888/622-1197) and Taku Smokeries (800/582-5122).

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