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Easy Hawaiian luau party

Mix up some pineapple drops and dig into our finger-food version (no whole pig necessary)

Chocolate Liliko'i Parfaits
Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Chocolate Liliko'i Parfaits  

 Liliko'i (as the Hawaiians call passion fruit) is extremely tart. It tastes wonderful with sweet, rich brownies ― decadent but surprisingly refreshing.

Recipe:  Chocolate Liliko'i Parfaits

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Passion Fruit ― (Hawaiian name: liliko‘i) Brought to Hawaii from Australia in 1880, this egg-shaped, purple or yellow pod (wrinkled when ripe) yields an intensely flavorful tart-sweet yellow pulp filled with tiny edible seeds. The pulp can be eaten fresh or used to make sauces, preserves, and ice cream.


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