25 ways to celebrate films set in the West

Pay homage to our favorite movies set in the diverse landscapes of the West

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The Shining: Pumpkin Bourbon Shakes
Photo by Annabelle Breakey; written by Jessica Mordo

The Shining: Pumpkin Bourbon Shakes

Stanley Kubrick’s creep-tastic adaptation of the Stephen King novel features Jack Nicholson in the unforgettable role of a Colorado hotel caretaker driven to madness by the spirits haunting the place. All work and no play make Jack go crazy, so he occasionally takes a break at the hotel bar, where his chats with the (ghostly) bartender lead him to murderous violence (um, worst bartender ever!).

Our bourbon-laced milkshake provides sweet solace during those harrowing scenes.

Recipe: Pumpkin Bourbon Shakes


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