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Farmed rainbow trout
Dwight Eschliman

Farmed rainbow trout

Recipes:  10 ways with farmed rainbow trout

Taste Very mild and slightly earthy, with small, moist, delicate flakes.

Source Mostly from farms along Idaho's crystalline, fast-moving Snake River.

Eco factor Because trout farms recycle all waste, and filter and treat outgoing water, they don't pollute. Trout do eat other fish, but they efficiently convert what they eat, minimizing the numbers that are sacrificed to feed them (salmon are voracious fish-eaters by comparison).

How to choose Rainbow trout are generally sold fresh and whole, either bone-in or boned and butterflied. Look for fish with moist flesh, shiny skin and eyes, and a fresh, mild aroma. Many markets also sell smoked rainbow trout fillets.


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