5 favorite guacamoles

Thomas J. Story
Be the hit of the potluck with your pick of our easy avocado dips

Ah, mashed avocados with quickly chopped onion and a little lime ― this easy side dish and party dip is always a favorite.

Try one of our ideas, then embellish to fit your style:

Using fresh salsa makes this recipe a cinch.

Enlightened Guacamole
Instead of tortilla chips, you can serve guacamole with raw vegetables.

Citrus Guacamole
Chunks of orange give this dip a burst of citrus.

Gabriel's Guacamole
This is a base recipe intended only as a jumping-off point: Add more seasonings to your taste. We preferred it with ½ teaspoon jalapeño, 4 teaspoons onion, and 4 teaspoons lime juice.

Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole
Go the extra mile by roasting the jalapeños, onion, garlic, and tomatillo on the grill.

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