Simple ways to serve seafood

'Deadliest Catch' captain Keith Colburn, chef Alice Waters, and surf champion Kelly Slater on healthy seafood and simple ways to love it

Captain Keith Colburn on seafood

The Discovery Channel

Captain Keith Colburn

Skipper of The Wizard on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch:

"My philosophy with fish is to keep it simple. Don't smother it in dill cream sauce. Lightly season it, then throw on the BBQ or broil.

"As for crab, I'd like people to see it as more than five legs on a plate. Crab is very rich and great to enjoy in small amounts, with a glass of white wine."

Alice Waters on seafood

Platon/Chez Panisse

Chef Alice Waters

Founder-owner of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, CA:

"As fishing worldwide has become more industrialized, it is very important to buy from local sustainable fisheries. I happen to love the sardines that come from Monterey Bay.

"At Chez Panisse, we like to fillet them, cure them lightly with salt, and marinate them with garlic, lemon, herbs, and good olive oil. They are delicious served slightly warmed on garlicky grilled toast."

Kelly Slater on seafood

Platon/Chez Panisse

Surf champion Kelly Slater

Nine-time World Surfing Champion:

"Having awareness about what you eat from the ocean is as important as knowing how your food was grown on land.

"Probably my favorite fish is salmon. I like to pan-fry it skin side down with some oil and garlic, a little bit of cayenne, and sea salt. Just squeeze a little lemon on it, get some brown rice and a salad, and that's a perfect meal.

"Salmon doesn't come from my local spots most of the time, so I don't eat it that often."

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