Weekend chicken

A bird in the oven guarantees great snacks

On our first date, David marched into my kitchen, opened the refrigerator, spotted a roasted chicken, and muttered, "You'll do." A quarter of a century later, the cold remains of a chicken, particularly on weekends, still produce cheery mumbling. We whittle away on them for sandwiches and nibbles. It's worth rushing in the door after work on Friday night to pop a chicken and some vegetables into the oven; then I relax while dinner does its thing. The seasonings and vegetables change from meal to meal, but I almost always slip some herbs under the chicken skin--one of the many interesting uses for herbs suggested by Jerry Traunfeld in The Herbfarm Cookbook. It's not a new concept, to be sure, but it's one to tuck away ―- in the next chicken you roast.

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