Ultimate tuna sandwich

Pack it up in a picnic with spring salads, great wines, and buttery cookies

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  • Savory potato and nutty green bean salads round out the meal.

    Picnic nicoise sandwich

    Ngoc Minh Ngo

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Picnic tips

Here's how to keep your picnic safe and stress-free.

Wrap it right. Set a wooden cutting board on a big sheet of plastic wrap and place the sandwich (which you can cut in half to fit) on the board. Wrap it and the board snugly lengthwise with a double layer of the plastic, then widthwise with another double layer, then with a layer of aluminum foil (for insulation). Unwrap on-site for a nice presentation and easier serving.

Pack smart. Layer the food cooler's bottom with cold packs or ice in heavy plastic bags, then top with the most perishable food (the sandwich, lemon curd, and potato salad). Top with more cold packs or ice, then add less perishable food (raspberries, green bean salad) if there's room.

Keep it cool. Below 40° is the rule for safety. Make sure your food is cold before it goes into the cooler. Return leftovers to the cooler immediately and bring a separate container for drinks to keep people from constantly opening the food cooler. Perishable food left out for more than an hour in temperatures 90° or higher should be thrown away; if the temperature is lower than 90°, the food can stay out for up to 2 hours.

Stay dry. Use plastic sheeting under your blanket.



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