Spring picnic

Try fresh vegetables with garlickly ailoi and an open-face Strawberry Puff


Dip vegetables shrimp and Easter eggs in garlicky mayonnaise.

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

  • Picnic Radish

    Whether you make a traditional aioli from scratch or start with purchased mayonnaise offer at least one "green" version whirled with fresh herbs.

Strawberry Puff

  • Strawberry Puff

Spring Aioli Feast

Classic Aioli

Green Aioli

Strawberry Puff

Strawberry Sauce

Bright green sugar snap peas, asparagus spears, tiny red potatoes, crisp radishes, giant artichokes, sweet red strawberries: Gardens are waking up, and their crops are brightening farmers' markets with vivid color. Enjoy the bounty with this casual spring picnic.

For an easy make-ahead meal, dip gently cooked vegetables, eggs, and shrimp into aioli, a garlicky mayonnaise (in France, aioli refers to both the sauce and the feast).

Make the aioli plain or tint it green with fresh mint, basil, or Italian parsley.

Round out the meal with crusty baguettes and a chilled dry rosé or Sauvignon Blanc, and finish with an open-faced cream puff tart with strawberries.

If you're venturing far, you can substitute plain strawberries to dip into lemon curd for our strawberry puff.

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