Spring lunch

James Carrier
Transform April bounty into fresh dishes for friends

Make your own special lunch:

In this menu

Contrary to the normal limits of city locations, Mary's garden is growing quite well, thank you. Actually, the land ― on San Francisco's Telegraph Hill ― belongs to the city, and the garden is tended by students of Mary Risley's Tante Marie's Cooking School. The well-kept plot gives the students ― future culinary professionals and avid home cooks ― a chance to shepherd foods from ground to plate.

This time of year, the perennial-edged space is lush with herbs, asparagus, lettuces, fava beans, artichokes, rhubarb, and strawberries ― provisions for a grand spring feast. Gather a few friends together to cook Mary's complete menu, much as she does in her classroom. Or use the recipes individually for many fresh spring meals.

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