Spicy beef noodles

James Carrier
Part stir-fry, part pasta, this zesty mix of beef, broccoli, and tomato is a meal in itself

Beef with Tomatoes, Pasta, and Chili Sauce

While researching a story on Peruvian cooking (Easy seafood with a Peruvian twist, June 2006), we came across tallarín saltado, a popular fusion dish that combines Asian stir-fry techniques with beef, fresh tomatoes, Asian chili sauce, and Italian spaghetti. It was a hit here at Sunset: It's fast and easy, and you can substitute other meats, vegetables, or different kinds of pasta. This is our favorite combination, using broccoli and fusilli, but you can find great variation ideas in the recipe. Best of all, the prep and cook time is a quick 35 minutes.

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