The real Ratatouille

James Carrier
Savor the classic summer dish that gives Disney's new movie its name

Featured recipe:
One-Pan Ratatouille

The Disney/Pixar hit, Ratatouille, gets its title from a savory summer stew once known for its complicated cooking method. We've come up with a quick, delicious version even Linguini, the movie's hapless kitchen helper, can master.

Ratatouille makes a great main dish when served over pasta, grilled artisan-style bread, or polenta. Or serve it as a side dish with summer's grilled burgers, chicken, or lamb.

The secret? The vegetables all cook together in the same pan. Those that require a longer cooking time go in first, while the more delicate vegetables are added later so they stay fresh and bright ― a delicious way to get your five vegetables a day.

More ways with Ratatouille:
Crunchy Ratatouille
Grilled Ratatouille

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