Picnic on the beach

A seafood stew flavored with chilies and coconut milk

It is a law of physics, or human biology, or both, that sun, salt air, and salt water inspire ravenous hunger. That's why no picnic is as welcome as the one you assemble at the beach. Here's a hearty seafood stew to cook on-site on a grill or camp stove. Serve it with crisp vegetables (sugar snap peas, baby-cut carrots), French bread, summer-ripe fruits (Asian pears, strawberries, grapes), and sugar cookies. Accompany with wine (see below) for a truly memorable picnic on the sand.

Beach stew checklist

Beach picnic wines

For wines to accompany our stew (preceding), we selected vintages from the three coasts―Washington, Northern California, and San Luis Obispo County.

Hogue Pinot Gris (about $10). From one of Washington's top wineries, a peachy, citrusy wine with a good punch that is perfectly refreshing, just as wine served on the beach should be.

Navarro Vineyards Gewürztraminer (about $15). Anderson Valley slants inward from the Northern California coast like a pocket. One of the valley's top varietals is Gewürztraminer, and one of the best is Navarro's. Fruity and dry, it's only available by calling (or visiting) the winery (800/537-9463).

Alban Vineyards Viognier (about $30). From Edna Valley, inland from Morro Bay, a powerhouse white that's just the ticket for a full-flavored stew. ― Karen MacNeil-Fife

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