Meyer lemon

Karen Steffens
Fresh citrus brightens up a winter palette

A hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin, the Meyer lemon gives great flavor with less mouth-pucker than traditional lemons. Here are a few ideas to try.

Spread it
Add a generous squeeze of Meyer lemon juice and a minced clove of garlic to mayonnaise for a cheery sandwich spread or a quick dip for cooked shrimp or crab.

Grate it
Combine the freshly grated peel of one Meyer lemon with one minced clove of garlic and a handful of chopped parsley. Use a spoonful of the mixture, called gremolata, to perk up braised meat dishes.

Roast it
Add wedges of Meyer lemons alongside wedges of potatoes in the roasting pan for a unique and flavorful side dish.

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