Mediterranean Burger

Photo by Annabelle Breakey
And more July favorites, like Filo Tomato Tart, Honey-Chipotle Grilled Corn, and Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole

Filo Tomato Tart
Sandy McKee, Omaha, NE

This tart is stunning and simple ― a winner as a party hors d'oeuvre or a picnic entrée.

Mediterranean Burgers
Elizabeth Farquhar, Ashburton, England

"I love grilling season!" proclaims Farquhar. These burgers are an easy summertime meal.

Honey-Chipotle Grilled Corn
Trisha Kruse, Eagle, ID

"Once you've tried this recipe, you'll never go back to plain corn on the cob," writes Kruse.

Blue Corn-Blueberry Muffins
Louise Galen, West Hollywood, CA

Galen replaced some of the flour in her favorite blueberry muffin recipe with blue cornmeal, creating an all-blue breakfast treat.

Red Pepper-Cauliflower Soup
Patricia Smith, San Francisco, CA

Serve hot or cold with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of chives, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole
Flor Moreno, Mountain View, CA

Get the chunky text from a blender.

Blueberry Yogurt Cake
Angela Baker, Vancouver, WA

Top with a brown sugar mixture to bake in sweetness.

Triple-Chocolate Brownies
Anne-Marie Summerhays, Portland, OR

If you like super-chocolatey, fudgy brownies, then these are for you.

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