Keen on quinoa

James Carrier
Top this versatile grain with a spicy seafood stew

Spicy Seafood Stew

A quick-cooking, high-protein grain from Peru, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is available in many supermarkets right alongside rice. Its mild, nutty taste and fluffy but chewy texture make it a good foil for spicy foods.

Complement quinoa with the Peruvian flavors of potatoes and seafood in tomato sauce. A salad of sliced avocados, tangerines, and radishes drizzled with a simple vinaigrette makes a refreshing starter or side dish. After dinner, try a tropical banana split: coconut ice cream, sliced bananas, and caramel sauce.

More ideas for using quinoa in fast, balanced meals:

•Try the versatile grain as a side dish in place of couscous or rice.

•Combine cooked quinoa with cooked vegetables for a cold or warm salad.

•Toss quinoa with a little balsamic vinegar and some chopped herbs to serve alongside meat, chicken, or fish.

•Use quinoa as a bed for saucy mixtures of meat or vegetables.

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