Garlic Fries and Lamb Burgers

(And don't forget the Brandy Shakes.) Delicious recipes from the West's greenest restaurant

Elisa Bosley

 Lamb Burgers
The Kitchen gets grass-fed lamb from Fox Fire Farms (970/563-4675) in southwest Colorado. These juicy burgers are a nice alternative to hamburgers.

Pea and Mint Relish
This relish looks like guacamole, so the mild, fresh flavor of peas and mint is a surprise.

Garlic Fries
Matheson always deep-fries his fries at the Kitchen. They're exceptionally delicious but do require soaking and double-frying. Our shortcut version of the Kitchen's recipe requires no soaking and only a modest amount of oil (for the deep-fried original, see below). The fries can bake while you're outside grilling the burgers.

Garlic French Fries
The Deep-Fried Original. Twice-cooking these fries yields the tastiest results: The first round cooks the potatoes and removes some of the water and starch, while the second makes them nice and crisp.

Brandy Shakes
"We have a group of friends from Texas who have a liking for brandy freezes," Matheson says. "I had never had these before, but now, when they're in town, I'm back in the kitchen mixing up gallons of them. This makes enough for 6, or 1 Texan." Feel free to experiment with other flavors of ice cream and less brandy if you like.


A lot of small actions can make a big difference. Going beyond most "eco-friendly" restaurants, the Kitchen:

1. Furnishes its space with largely recycled or salvaged fixtures and materials.

2. Draws its electricity entirely from Colorado wind farms.

3. Offers cloth towels in the bathroom.

4. Depends mainly on local food suppliers (whose names are displayed on chalkboard in the dining room).

5. Prepares staff meals at the end of their shift to use up extra food and wine.

6. Asks staff to use reusable mugs.

7. Hands out biodegradable take-out containers.

8. Gives its cooking oil to a neighbor for biodiesel.

9. Recycles or composts nearly 100 percent of its waste.

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