For crunch, put the bite on jicama

Use it in this quick side dish

Jicama Slaw

As far as looks are concerned, jicama borders on boring. It's tan outside, snowy white inside, and shaped like a turnip.

Jicama's real bonus is its refreshing texture ― juicy-cool and crisp, and it stays crunchy when cooked (diced jicama and potatoes pan-browned together make an interesting dish).

I first enjoyed jicama slices dipped into hot chili powder and salt at street stands in Mexico. Finally jicama came to northern markets. Donna Nordin, chef-owner of Café Terra Cotta in Scottsdale, Arizona, makes the immigrant root into slaw with a pungent horseradish dressing. This recipe is inspired by her presentation. Serve it as you would coleslaw, as a salad or a relish for sandwiches.

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