Falafel flavors in main dishes

James Carrier
Main dishes and appetizers in 30 minutes or less

Mixes are designed to help the busy cook, but sometimes the basic purpose of a mix is not its most useful application. A prime example is falafel. The mix, made of garbanzo flour seasoned robustly with cumin, onion, garlic, and parsley, is sold with pilafs and the like at the supermarket. The package tells you how to make basic falafel balls. But the mix is also a very fast way to add a zesty, crunchy coating to baked chicken wings and sausage balls, or to retain juiciness in burgers made with lean turkey or beef.



Falafel-crusted Chicken Drumettes

Sausage Falafel Balls

Succulent Turkey Burgers

Spiced Beef Burgers

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