East-West Salad

James Carrier
A cool Western classic takes on warm flavors from the Middle East

Spiced Orange Salad

Oranges and onions have a long history together here ― both flourish in the West. A salad made up of the pair dates back to at least the early 1930s in the pages of Sunset. But it wasn't born here. These ingredients share a more exotic heritage in Middle Eastern and North African countries, where pungent black olives also abound.

There, a salad made up of all three is seasoned with warm, fragrant spices like cumin and cool, fresh herbs such as mint and cilantro. The contrast of flavors ― juicy sweetness from the fruit, body and bite from the onion, and salty richness from the cured olives ― makes this salad a standout back home in the West.

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