Cook for a weekend, then eat all month

Devote a weekend to simmering and sautéing, and fill the freezer with 21 entrées for family dinners

Cooking instructor and author Stephanie Stephens has developed a method to make home-cooked meals every weeknight.

Once a month she devotes a block of time to cooking enough dinner fare for at least 20 weeknights, then loads it all in an average-size refrigerator freezer. Each day she pulls out one entrée to reheat and serve with a salad or fresh vegetable.

It creates a big cooking weekend, but she saves time by combining prep work and grocery shopping. And she saves money by taking advantage of bulk bargains.

Inspired by Stephens's concept, we've organized 11 entrées ― from old family favorites to innovative international combinations ― into three recipe groups.

One set shares a lively tomato sauce:

Another stars with a huge batch of onions and garlic:

The third is a group of meats packed in simple seasonings:

Each recipe makes enough for two batches (except a leg of lamb, which is geared for a crowd or leftovers) to be thawed, one at a time, for a total of 21 entrées for family meals. 

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