World flavor tour: 5 chicken salads

An all-time favorite steps out on a world tour of flavors

Chicken salad ― once a plain Jane sandwich stuffer ― has enormous potential as a sophisticated entrée. It travels the world, absorbing local flavors with amazing versatility.

In Mexico, dressed with a colorful corn salsa, chicken sits atop a crisp tortilla, composing a tostada. In France, it exhibits an affinity for licorice-scented tarragon and peppery watercress. As it passes through India, chicken wears a curry-spiced yogurt-mayonnaise dressing but settles into melon wedges in distinctly Western style. In China, it reunites with old friends ― fried noodles, toasted sesame seeds, and a lemony dressing ― to become a salad full of crunchy textures. By the time chicken reaches Southeast Asia, it consorts boldly with sweet, sour, hot, salty, and bitter elements in vivid contrast.

All of these recipes start with shredded cooked chicken. The steeped chicken in the Chicken Salad recipe below is an easy way to cook this essential ingredient. You can also buy a roasted chicken from a delicatessen or the deli department of a supermarket. Then dress the meat with the flavors of your country of choice.

Chicken Salad Recipes:


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