Amazing grapes

How sweet the rounds ― and perfect for tucking into harvest-rich recipes


Grape choices

Crimson Seedless: Bright red; oblong; sweet-tart and spicy; firm-crisp.

Autumn Royal: Purple-black to jet black; oval; sweet; firm flesh; seedless.

Christmas Rose: Dark red; large tear-drop shape; sweet; has seeds.

Thompson Seedless: Light green to yellow-green; oblong; sweet-tart; crisp.

Flame Seedless: Deep red; round; sweet-tart; crunchy with tender skin.

Black Corinth (also called Champagne): Dark red to reddish black; tiny; sweet; fragile, with tender skin; seedless.

Ribier: Blue-black to jet black; large, round; mild; tough skin; has seeds.

Red Globe: Bright to dark red; cherry size; sweet, juicy; meaty; has seeds.

Niabell: Purple to black with frosty blush; round, Concord type; earthy and rich; thick skin; has seeds.

Italia: Light green; round; floral, sweet-tart; firm skin; has seeds.

Ruby Seedless: Deep red; round to oval; sweet; crunchy with tender skin.

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