A passion for beans

Elizabeth Berry nurtures her specialty beans as if they were members of the family. She's aided in her obsession by chef-friends who love to cook with them.



Natural-food and grocery stores sell an increasing selection of specialty beans. You can also try these mail-order sources. Bean names vary among producers. Prices do not include shipping.

Coyote Cafe General Store, 132 W. Water St., Santa Fe, 87501; (800) 866-4695. About 14 varieties, including all at left; $3.95 per 1/2 pound.

Gallina Canyon Ranch, Box 2334, Twin Falls, ID 83303. About 25 varieties, including all at left. For a list and order form, send self-addressed, stamped envelope and check for $1 made out to Elizabeth Berry. $4 per pound.

Phipps Country Store & Farm, Box 349, Pescadero, CA 94060; (415) 879-0787. About 100 varieties, including all at left. 69 cents to $3.99 per pound.

Zürsun, 754 Canyon Park Ave., Twin Falls, ID 83301; (800) 424-8881. About 24 varieties, including Appaloosa, Cannellini, Flageolet, and Scarlet Runner. $3 per pound.

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