A Maui shrimp lunch

Sit down to a memorable salad and follow with flaming mangoes


This is salad, Maui-style. It's designed to get attention, and it works. The chef team from the Westin Maui created these shrimp on sticks, which they call "tangled tigers," for the island's annual A Taste of Lahaina food festival. Call (808) 667-9175 for information.

As the main dish for a tropically inspired luncheon party, this salad makes an impact on guests. It looks ― satisfyingly ― much more complicated to make than it is. The piquant sauce for the shrimp also serves as a dressing for the pineapple and the greens.

Start the meal with purchased or homemade sushi. End with blazing mangoes in a hot cardamom syrup. The dessert is another island special, this time from Derek Liburd, formerly the pastry chef at Kapalua Bay Hotel.

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