3 ways with rotisserie chicken

Leo Gong
In a season filled with holiday cooking, just grab one of these birds at the store for a simple, tasty meal

Pappardelle with Chicken and Winter Greens
This bright-tasting pasta makes good use of radicchio and chard, two sturdy greens that are packed with vitamins and flavor.

Chicken, Bacon, and Blue-Cheese Sandwiches
A truly satisfying flavor trio.

Lemon Cashew Chicken Salad
An unusual, fresh-tasting version that's lower in fat than the standard but not at all dry, thanks to the thick, creamy yogurt that replaces half the mayo.

Easiest Roast Chicken
On that rare occasion when the store has run out of rotisserie chicken, you may find this method handy. It's our favorite easy way to roast a chicken.

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