Sunday dinner with a twist

Food, family, and good times around the grill


Full meal on the grill

Here's how to cook a whole dinner on the grill (including dessert). Setting up your grill for indirect heat is the first step.

On a charcoal barbecue: Ignite about 60 briquets on the firegrate of your barbecue. Let burn until coals are dotted with ash, about 25 minutes, then push coals to one side and lay a drip pan on the other side. Set grill in place.

On a gas barbecue: Turn heat to high and close lid for at least 10 minutes. Adjust heat to medium and turn off burners as needed to create a hot and a "cool" zone for indirect cooking. Set drip pan in cool zone; set grill in place.

Time plan

• Up to 2 hours before serving, make avocado dip and vegetables.
• About 1½ hours before serving, prepare and roast chicken.
• While chicken is roasting, prepare sweet potatoes.
• About 30 minutes before chicken is done, add potatoes to grill.
• While potatoes are cooking, assemble crisp.
• When chicken comes off grill, add 20 to 30 briquets to your fire (if using a charcoal grill); give them 5 minutes to catch, uncovered.
Place apple crisp on the grill and bake as directed.

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