Summer supper for eight

An elegant mixed grill starts in the garden -- or at the farmers' market

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One to two weeks ahead: Make vin d'orange.

One day ahead: Toast baguette for bruschetta. Strain fruit from vin d'orange. Prepare seafood timbales through step 3. Rinse and crisp salad greens. Make chocolate-espresso torte and raspberry sauce.

Two hours ahead: Prepare tarragon beurre blanc through step 1. Marinate lamb chops for mixed grill and make marinade for nectarines. Prepare salad (through step 2).

The last hour: Prepare tomatoes for bruschetta. Bake timbales. Marinate nectarines for mixed grill. Finish beurre blanc.

Fifteen minutes before serving main course: Grill chops, sausages, and nectarines for mixed grill; cook beans and carrots.


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