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Tasty garden cocktails

Happy hour recipes from an Oakland front yard

The drinkable garden
Photo by Thomas J. Story

The drinkable garden

When Lucy and Karl Leahy moved into an Oakland house with prolific fig and apple trees, they did what any resourceful homeowner would do: Make jam. Lots of it. Until friends started saying, “Sure, come on over, but don’t bring any more of that stuff.”

Next, they began experimenting with juices, then teas (chamomile, feverfew, mint, echinacea), wines (grape and fig), beer, and cocktails. The results (which they’ve documented on their blog, were so good that they planted part of the driveway with lemon, mandarin orange, and pomegranate trees, plus blueberries, carrots, pineapple guavas, and more. “We weighed the advantages of off-street parking versus cocktails,” Lucy says with a smile. Cocktails, of course, won.


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