10 healthy appetizers

Serve your guests these low-fat hors d'oeuvres for appetizers without regrets

A low-fat appetizer of Endive Spears with White Bean Radicchio Salad.

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Endive Spears with White Bean Radicchio Salad

All three main ingredients are low in fat and high in fiber.

Recipe:  Endive Spears with White Bean Radicchio Salad

A low-fat appetizer of Red Pepper and Walnut Dip.

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Red Pepper and Walnut Dip

Red peppers lend a velvety texture, letting you "spend" your fat calories on heart-healthy nuts and a modest amount of oil.

Recipe:  Red Pepper and Walnut Dip

A low-fat appetizer of Smoky Salmon Chive Spread.

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Smoky Salmon Chive Spread

Greek yogurt evokes the silkiness of mayo but without the fat; salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids. Both are rich in protein and calcium.

Recipe:  Smoky Salmon Chive Spread

An appetizer of Quick Indian Pickles.

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Quick Indian Pickles

Especially low in calories, they whet your appetite for the meal to come.

Recipe:  Quick Indian Pickles

An appetizer of Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Skewers.

Photography by Annabelle Breakey

Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Skewers

Brussels sprouts are a good source of fiber and vitamin K. Prosciutto provides the smoky flavor of bacon with a lot less fat.

Recipe:  Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Skewers

Creamy Spinach and Parmesan Dip

Photo by Jeffery Cross

Creamy Spinach and Parmesan Dip

Just whirl together cooked spinach, cottage cheese, and a few seasonings for this 5-ingredient dip.

Recipe: Creamy Spinach and Parmesan Dip

Veggie Sticks with Avocado-Lime Dip

Photography by Thomas J. Story

Veggie Sticks with Avocado-Lime Dip

This lightened version of chips and guac will impress your party guests.

Recipes: Veggie Sticks with Avocado-Lime Dip

Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta

Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta

Smoked salmon, creamy avocado, and pesto pair perfectly with crisp and nutty multigrain bread in this party bite.

Recipe:  Avocado and Salmon Bruschetta

DIY Chicken Papaya Spring Rolls

Photo by Iain Bagwell; written by Amy Machnak

DIY Chicken Papaya Spring Rolls

Spring rolls can be labor intensive if you need to make a bunch. That's why we suggest setting out all the ingredients and letting guests make their own. If you're not a fan of papaya, you can easily substitute mango.

Recipe: DIY Chicken Papaya Spring Rolls

Shrimp Cups

Photo by James Carrier

Mediterranean Shrimp Salad in Cucumber Cups

Short on time? Whip up this crowd-pleasing appetizer in just 25 minutes. Shrimp with lemon, parsley, and garlic echoes classic shrimp scampi, but here it's a cooling salad.

Recipe: Mediterranean Shrimp Salad in Cucumber Cups


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